Sara Bareilles – “Brave” (Lyric Video)

The lead singles from Sara’s first two albums have been about love and (gently) telling someone off, starting with “Love Song” off Little Voice, and “King of Anything” from Kaleidoscope Heart. But with her latest single, “Brave”, Sara is showing her powerful, empowering, and strong side. As always with Sara, the strength of the song is the lyric and story, combined with Sara’s voice and the songs production.

The single is from her upcoming album, The Blessed Unrest, which will be released in June. The single, “Brave” will be available on the 24th of April.

She is also brave and facing her fears as she heads out on a solo acoustic tour, aptly title Brave Enough. The tour will be Sara, a piano, a guitar, and her songs. It’s going to be a special tour. Not surprisingly  the shows sold-out immediately. Hopefully you were lucky enough to grab a ticket.

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Yes, Please: Sara Bareilles and Ryan Tedder duet version of “Gonna Get Over You”

Ryan Tedder  and Sara Bareilles  are two of my favorite singer-songwriters.

They’re both extremely talented. There isn’t a song that Ryan has written or produced that I haven’t loved. Aside from all the OneRepublic songs, he’s had a hand in crafting“Halo” for Beyonce, “Bleeding Love” and “Happy” for Leona Lewis, “Rumor Has It” and “Turning Tables” for Adele, “Already Gone” for Kelly Clarkson… to name a few. He’s fantastic.

Sara Bareilles herself is also a brilliant songwriter and musician.

But when the two join forces… it’s magical.

The first time they sang together was on a version of “Come Home” when Sara joined Ryan the the boys of OneRepublic.

Ryan recently made a cameo in Sara’s “Uncharted” music video.

And now, Sara released a version of her latest single, “Gonna Get Over You” featuring Ryan Tedder:

And here’s “Come Home” featuring Sara Bareilles:

Between the two songs, I prefer “Come Home”. I’m a sucker for emotionally charged ballads, which Ryan is amazing at writing. “Come Home” is just a solid song – both the original with OneRepublic as well as the duet with Sara. “Gonna Get Over You” is also a great song, a fun upbeat song. “Come Home” gives a better opportunity for the two to showcase their voices.

Which do you prefer – “Gonna Get Over You” or “Come Home”? Or Both?

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TOMS Shoes

Last Tuesday, on April 5th, TOMS Shoes had a hugely successful campaign called One Day Without Shoes, asking participants to go a day without shoes. There are many people around the world that are without shoes, and TOMS is an amazing movement that gives a shoe to a child in need for every shoe purchased.

There were many of our favorite musicians that participated and helped spread the word, including Jason Mraz as seen in the poster above. TOMS made a video thanking all the participants, and features more of our favorites; Sara Bareilles, Kris Allen, Matisyahu, Parachute, and Lenny Kravitz.

The video also features “Marching On” by OneRepublic.

It’s a great movement. They even have vegan shoes!

I didn’t go a day without shoes last Tuesday, but I do plan on picking up a pair of Vegan TOMS shoes – these one.

Hopefully the people at TOMS, participants throughout the world and artists in the video above will inspire you to purchase a pair and pass the message along.

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