Jarryd James re-releases “Do You Remember” with help from Raury

Jarryd James is one of my favorite breakthrough artists of 2015. I was and continue to be obsessed and fascinated with the music he’s making. He has a style that’s unique – it’s what I classify as “dark R&B” which is similar to music from The Weeknd, SOHN, BANKS — it’s definitely cool and a bit mysterious and elusive. That’s probably the shittiest explanation of his music – but don’t listen to me… press play on the video below!

He’s released his debut album in Australia, but not in the UK or US yet – we’ve only got an amazing EP. I saw him play at The Troubadour a few months back, and he’s legit good. I really enjoy his music and hope we get that album soon!

He re-released one of his massive songs, “Do You Remember” with a verse from Raury, who is equally brilliant. Hopefully this means the album is close to being released in the US? Hopefully!

I dare you to listen to this just once… it’s impossible.

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