Favorites: OneRepublic – “Good Life”

It looks like OneRepublic‘s (website/twitter) “Good Life” is finally getting a proper radio airplay release. The song is the 4th single from the band’s latest album, Waking Up, which was released in November of 2009. “Good Life” is already quite popular and has been featured on several products, movie trailers, and tv shows (Dancing With the Stars clip below), but hasn’t made the full impact it deserves.

Here’s a montage of live performances of the band set to the song:

“Good Life” is a definite standout track on Waking Up, and probably my favorite track. It’s got such a great upbeat message and is inspiring. It’s a feel-good track for sure.

Ryan Tedder is a genius songwriter and it comes across in this positive track. One can’t help but smile and whistle along while listening.

There’s so much chaos and bad shit going on in the world, it’s great to have a positive anthem, and “Good Life” is just that song.

OneRepublic recently performed the song on Dancing With The Stars… take a look:

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TOMS Shoes

Last Tuesday, on April 5th, TOMS Shoes had a hugely successful campaign called One Day Without Shoes, asking participants to go a day without shoes. There are many people around the world that are without shoes, and TOMS is an amazing movement that gives a shoe to a child in need for every shoe purchased.

There were many of our favorite musicians that participated and helped spread the word, including Jason Mraz as seen in the poster above. TOMS made a video thanking all the participants, and features more of our favorites; Sara Bareilles, Kris Allen, Matisyahu, Parachute, and Lenny Kravitz.

The video also features “Marching On” by OneRepublic.

It’s a great movement. They even have vegan shoes!

I didn’t go a day without shoes last Tuesday, but I do plan on picking up a pair of Vegan TOMS shoes – these one.

Hopefully the people at TOMS, participants throughout the world and artists in the video above will inspire you to purchase a pair and pass the message along.

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New Music Video: OneRepublic – “Good Life”

This is such a great song. I’m a huge fan of Ryan Tedder and his producing/songwriting, both for OneRepublic and the many artists he collaborates with. Earlier this week we heard that Ryan is in the studio working with Jordin Sparks, and Leona Lewis popped in. Hopefully Ryan will create more magnificent music with Jordin, and Leona… and maybe a song with all three? Just a thought.

Last November, a rough cut of the “Good Life” music video leaked. OneRepublic were upset as it was not the finished version and they never intended it to be released. Today we finally get to see the completed version of “Good Life”:

First of all, the song is fantastic – one of my favorites from Waking Up. The new version of the video is more complete and the concept more closely matches the lyrical content. I really like the vintage effects on the video, a great visual for the nostalgic elements of the song. I also like that the images are passed around by people, similar to a postcard.

The first version did feel a bit empty and unfinished, but now it’s complete and matches the tone of the song. Great band, great album, great song, and now, also a great video.

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