New Single: OneRepublic – “If I Lose Myself”

Native, OneRepublic‘s new album can’t get released soon enough. It’s been such a long time in the making. It’ll finally be released on the 26th of March.

I know I say this often, but Ryan Tedder is a musical genius. I’m a massive fan of any and everything he does.

And their latest single, “If I Lose Myself” lead single from the band’s upcoming album, Native, is no exception. It’s such a great and fantastic song!

“If I Lose Myself” is another inspiring and anthemic song, and one that’s quite a singalong. It’s got more dance influences than I’m used to in a OneRepublic song, but it works. As expected, it’s got an emotional build. It’s a classic OneRepublic song.

I recently saw OneRepublic at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball, and they were fantastic. True story: I walked by Ryan Tedder in the hallway backstage and it was the highlight of the night. He is responsible for so many amazing songs, and is one of the best pop-rock singers, songwriters and producers around.

And I can’t wait to hear Native.

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New Single and Music Video: OneRepublic – “Feel Again”

“Feel Again” by OneRepublic is growing on me. I really liked it upon first listen, I mean really, it’s Ryan Tedder. He’s a master when it comes to pop/pop-rock, so there was little doubt the song would be amazing.

But it’s the first single from OneRepublic’s upcoming album, Native, and it’s the first song we’ve heard from the guys in a while, and I was wondering if Ryan would try anything different – and thankfully, there’s no dreadful dubstep or weird remix interlude.

Just well written, well produced pop music!

It follows the formula Ryan sticks to – great melody, fantastic hook and chorus, emotionally uplifting, anthemic, and as catch as can be. It’s not innovative, and sounds very similar to other OneRepubic songs, but why change something that isn’t broken.

And like most of their single, this one is slowing climbing on the charts and making its presence know. I like that OneRepublic and Ryan Tedder roll out their single slowly, avoiding it being overplayed and overexposed.

Again, when it comes to writing and producing pop songs, Ryan Tedder is one of the best. I’m such a massive fan of everything he does, for OneRepublic and other artists as well.

Native is out the 20th of November… and it can’t get here fast enough. It’s definitely one of the albums I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. As with their previous albums, I’m sure Native will be solid pop record from start to end, and one of the best albums of 2012.


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Favorites: “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes featuring Ryan Tedder

“The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes featuring Ryan Tedder is one of my favorite songs right now (minus the Lee Press On Nails reference… makes me cringe every time).

I really enjoy the fighting spirit of the song, and it’s definitely on my “running” and “get motivated” playlists.

It’s also a brilliant song for Team USA at the Olympics, and I really like that gymnast John Orozco is featured in the video, although that could seem odd in a few years. Talk about fighter!

But really, let’s not kid ourselves, while Travie and Gym Class are good, it’s the chorus/hook with Ryan Tedder that elevates this song. I’m a sucker for Ryan Tedder’s pop talents. He really can do no wrong. He’s one of my favorite pop singer-songwriter-producers of the past few years.

Until Ryan and the rest of OneRepublic finish their next album, we’ve got “The Fighter” to hold us over.

And go Team USA!

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