Song of the Day – 04.04.13: OneRepublic – “If I Lose Myself”

I can’t get enough of OneRepublic’s new album, Native. And that shouldn’t be a surprise as I’m a big fan of Ryan Tedder and his production and take on pop music. He writes great melodies and hooks. The album is packed with hooks.

I keep finding new hooks getting stuck in my head, especially from “If I Lose Myself”, “Feel Again”, “Counting Stars” and “Burning Bridges”. “Counting Stars” and “Burning Bridges” would be fantastic singles.

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Favorite: OneRepublic – Native

It’s finally here! OneRepublic finally released their third studio album, Native, it’s well worth the wait.

Warning! If you don’t like great songs, dislike catchy hooks, hate anthemic choruses, fear uplifting and emotionally charged lyrics and great pop/rock production, stay away from Native.

It’s full of music goodness. After several repeated songs, there are definitely numerous songs that standout, aside from the already released singles, “Feel Again”, and “If I Lose Myself”.

“What You Wanted” follows the formula created by Ryan Tedder and is a great pop song. “Burning Bridges” is definitely radio friendly and will serve as a great future single with it’s instantly catchy hook and Ryan’s signature falsetto.

At the moment, the album’s opening track, “Counting Stars” is my favorite track and really should be the next single from the album. It starts off bare, and builds into a great and anthemic song, with an instantly catchy hook and chorus.

“Every thing that kills me makes me feel alive.”

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New Music Video: OneRepublic – “If I Lose Myself”

It’s no secret, I’m a massive fan of Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic, and I’m more than ready for the new album, Native. Native is set to be released on the 26th of March.

 Here’s the just-released music video for the lead single, “If I Lose Myself”:

The song is really really growing on me. As with almost anything Ryan Tedder writes of produces, I liked it from the first listen. I wasn’t as keen on the dance elements and electronics on the track, but it’s growing on me. I’d be interested in hearing a version of the song without it, but it works.

As expected on a Ryan Tedder track, it’s got an insane hook and chorus, with a bridge that is epic and creates that “magic” moment that is a trademark of Ryan’s musical production. I love the bit where the music drops off and the songs turns into an anthemic sing-along. It really raises my expectations for Native…. they’re really really high now. But I’m sure Ryan and the guys of OneRepublic will rise to my expectations.

What are your thoughts on “If I Lose Myself”?


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