New Single and Lyric Video: Muse – “Supremacy”

Just as I got around to posting the music video for “Follow Me”, Muse releases the official lyric video for their next single,  “Supremacy”, which opens the band’s latest album, The 2nd Law.

“Supremacy” will be released on the 25th of February.

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New Single and Music Video: Muse – “Follow Me”

I really really really like “Follow Me”, by Muse, and it was inevitably a single from the album. I knew it the first time I heard the song.

But, I’ve got mixed opinions on Muse and their last two albums, The Resistance and The 2nd Law. Both albums have some amazing songs on them, and the band continues to take risks and push the boundaries of their sound and music. But I’m not sure it all works. Between the two albums, there are enough songs to create one amazing album, and a few that might be skippable. (I’d be ok NEVER hearing “Panic Station” ever again!)

Let’s get back to the positive, and there’s a lot of great songs on The 2nd Law, including the latest single, “Follow Me”. The song might be my favorite from the album. It’s quite epic, theatrical and has a great tempo and just enough dance/electronic influence to where it’s great but doesn’t cross into obnoxiousness. It’s the right mix of all the elements that bring out the best from Muse.

I hope “Follow Me” and “Madness” are a representation and indicators of how the band will progress and evolve. I like that rock/dance direction – but only when it’s the right balance between the two genres.

The 2nd Law must be an incredible album to see live, and Muse has proven themselves as an amazing live band.

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New Music Video: Muse – “Madness”

Man, I really really love “Madness” by Muse. It took a bit to grow on me, and I’m not sure about the overall direction of Muse’s new sound, but I do like this song.

I really really love the last minute or so. The first four minutes are great, but after the four minute mark, this song takes on a new level of fantastic awesomeness. I serisouly have had that last bit on repeat. It’s awesome!

I’m curious to hear more tracks from their upcmoing album, The 2nd Law, which comes out at the end of the month. “Madness” is the lead single from the album, while “Survival” was the official theme song of the London Olympics. 

The band has also released a music video for “Unsustainable”, an epic song that I’m not quite sure about. I love the drama and theatrics of the song, but could use much less production and dub-step and effects. I really love the theme of the song, but can’t imagine listening to it and enjoying it for too long.

It’s definitely an evolution for the band, but I’m not sure I like it on this song. “Madness” on the other hand is just the right amount of theatrics, electronics and great pop/rock.

Nonetheless, I’m still a super huge fan of Muse and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. They always evolve and entertain.


What do you think of “Madness”, “Unsustainable” and Muse’s “new” sound?

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