Miro’s 52 Songs of 2014

As 2014 is coming to an end, here are the 52 songs that defined the year for me. These are the songs that resonated with me and some I had on repeat for days on end.

There were several albums that dominated my listening this year, (and I’ll post my albums of 2014 soon), so I limited this playlist to one song per artist.Also, I chose Spotify as the means of creating this list, so Taylor Swift is not on it, but otherwise, “Blank Space” would be included on this list.

In no particular order, here are the 52 songs that defined 2014 for me:

What were songs that you enjoyed in 2014 that weren’t on my list?


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Ella Henderson – “Ghost”

As an Anglophile and pop music fanatic, I absolutely LOVE Ella Henderson and was beyond excited to hear her new single “Ghost.” It was co-written with Ryan Tedder, which is very evident as this song has all the trademarks of a Ryan-Tedder production – in other words, it’s a hit!

Ella sounds amazing. I’m of mixed minds though – as much as I love her vocals and direction on this, I do slightly want her to sing a ballad or slower song, a la her X-Factor days.

Having said that, Ella is amazing and she’s going to be brilliant!

And here’s her FANTASTIC X-Factor Audition from 2012!

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