Ed Sheeran Releases Lego Version of “Lego House” Music Video

Ed Sheeran released the music video for “Lego House” at the end of 2011. The video featured fellow ginger, Rupert Grint as the main character, following the initial trend of not having Ed in his own music videos.

Some 18 months later, Ed has released a Lego stop-motion video for “Lego House”, which is a shot-for-shot remake of the original!

It only makes sense, and it was only a matter of time.

How cool is is this video?!

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Music Video: Ed Sheeran – “Give Me Love”

“Give Me Love” is the sixth and last single from Ed Sheeran‘s successful debut album, +.


My favorite line from the song: “And that tonight I’ll call ya, after my blood is drowning in alcohol.”

It’s brilliant to see that Ed is finally getting much deserved airplay and recognition in the states. His song, “The A Team” is nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year.

As with any Ed Sheeran song, the album version is great, but the live version takes it to the next level. He is a true talent. It mesmerizing to hear him build the song until it’s intense and passionate, and then slowly bring it back down.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to see him play a short set in an small studio, and he was excellent. Really nice guy too.

If you don’t already have a copy of +, you’re really really missing out.

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New Music Video: Ed Sheeran – “Small Bump”

We’re finally getting the music video for Ed Sheeran’s latest single, “Small Bump”.

It’s one of the standout tracks on Ed’s album, + (Plus), and the 5th single from the album.

It’s probably my favorite song lyrically – so honest and tragically beautiful. The music video reflects the simplicity of the music, while maintaing the emotions of the lyrics and story. It’s such a heartbreaking yet beautiful tune, and the video captures the sentiment of the song perfectly.

Ed is currently in the US supporting Snow Patrol on their current tour, and will be back for a headlining tour later this year.

His album + (Plus) will be released in the US on June 12th. And it’s about time he brings his talents to the US. There’s been an amazing increase in the number of UK artists hitting it big in the US, and I hope the trend continues, especially with the talented singer-songwriters like Ed and Matt Cardle.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of seeing Ed perform on the MYstage (pictures) for MYfm. It was an intimate acoustic performance, and he blew it out of the park. He played “Lego House”, “A-Team”, and the extended version of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”. (I’ll post the video soon.)

His performance was on point, as was his interview. He was charismatic, funny and witty, and is a great story teller. His talents and personality shined, which will help launch his career in the US.

Here’s to seeing more of Ed Sheeran in states.


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