Friday Five: Tom Grennan, James TW, SOHN, Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa, JP Cooper

And just like that, it’s Friday and I’ve got five new songs that you need to check out! There’s a bit more singer-songwriter vibes on this one, but there’s also a jam with Sean Paul and as Dua Lipa sings, “it’s going to be lit tonight, no lie!”  (I’ve never felt as uncool as I did writing that. No lie.)

“Something In The Water” by Tom Grennan

I first heard Tom Grennan, the twenty year old UK artist, on a track with Chase & Status, and loved his voice. He’s got pipes! It’s equally soothing, soulful and raspy. Reminds me a bit of Paulo Nutini. This song, “Something In The Water” is one that you only need one listen to love it. His EP, which is also called “Something In The Water” has great tracks, including an acoustic version of his track with Chase & Status, “All Goes Wrong.” It’s superb and I’m stoked to hear more from young Tom.

“When You Love Someone” by James TW

James TW is another young UK singer-songwriter that caught my attention. The song is a stripped guitar song and it’s beauty is in it’s simplicity. His voice is amazing and I just love that he relies on his talent and basic musicality. I love the plucking and hitting of the guitar. It reminds me of someone.. just I can’t quite place it, and maybe that’s all for the best. You should also check out his cover of “Torn,” so good!

“Rennen” by SOHN

SOHN released a new album today called “Rennen,” and the title track is one of my favorites! It was actually released a few weeks ago and I’ve been listening to it constantly. It’s very melodic, minimal, and super dark-emo. Basically everything I love about SOHN and his music. I saw him at The Troubadour a few years ago and it was incredible. I’ve listened to the album a few times today and really dig it, though I do need to spend more time with it! But “Rennen,” is amazing!

“No Lie” by Sean Paul & Dua Lipa

I’m a massive fan of Dua Lipa! And of course, Sean Paul… I mean, who isn’t a fan of Sean Paul?! But this song.. it’s lit, no lie! That hook in the chorus by Dua is {insert fire emoji}. So good! The next time I’m going out, this is the song that’ll be on repeat all day. And seriously, Sean Paul is making a solid comeback! He’s had major hits with Sia and Clean Bandit! Welcome back Sean Paul! And don’t even pretend like you didn’t sing “Sean Paul” every time you read it!

“September Song” by JP Cooper

The intro to this song is misleading… it starts off like a Rihanna track, and then his voice kicks in, and it’s not what you’d expect. I dig the summery-upbeat vibe and it’s just a great catchy song!


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Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Brings “Hotter Than Hell” To The USA via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If Dua Lipa is not on your radar, you’re missing out!

I’ve been a massive fan of her music for nearly a year now, and last night, she FINALLY made an appearance on late night, performing her smash hit single, “Hotter Than Hell” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Friends, I’m telling you now (in case you haven’t been hearing me for the past few months) Dua Lipa… get to know her music! She’s brilliant!

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Friday Five: Jack Garratt, Dua Lipa, Lissie, Conrad Sewell and Oh Wonder

It’s Friday, so here’s this week’s “Friday Five” — 5 song you NEED to hear!

And as always, let me know what you think!  Tweet me your thoughts!

1. “Surprise Yourself” by Jack Garratt

Finally Jack Garratt’s album is released! I haven’t heard it yet, but I will for sure pick up the cd! Yeah, I still buy cds! Every single song we’ve heard from Jack has been top notch. I’m mesmerized by the fact that he is able to reproduce the songs live. It’s one thing to layer and produce a studio track, but to be able to pull them off live, and alone is incredible, and it’s one of the reasons there’s so much (well deserved) hype around him! Do yourself a favor and pick up his album, Phase!

2. “Last Dance” by Dua Lipa

Another amazing song from Dua Lipa! She’s amazing. I’ve constantly got her three songs in heavy rotation and never get sick of it. I really need an album from Dua Lipa soon! “Last Dance” might be my favorite song from her yet! And the video is super weird, but a cool weird. I dig it.

3. “Don’t You Give Up On Me” by Lissie

Yes! Lissie is back with an excellent new album. I was a massive fan of her debut album, Catching A Tiger. It’s amazing folk-pop. Is that a genre… well, it is now, and Lissie is one of the best. Last week, she released a new album, My Wild West, and I’m really digging it. After a few spins, my favorite songs are “Wild West,” “Hero,” “Hollywood,” and the lead single, “Don’t You Give Up On Me.” Lissie rocks!

4. “Shadow” by Conrad Sewell

2016 is going to be a massive year for Conrad Sewell! You might not know him by name, but you know his voice – he’s the vocalist on Kygo’s hit “Firestone.” He’s got an incredible voice, that soothes both the slower ballads as well as the up-tempo songs. I never posted it (shame on me!) but his song “Hold Me Up” is a straight-up hit! His song “Shadow” gives me Michael Jackson vibes! I’m a fan of his debut EP, All I Know and stoked to hear his debut album soon.

5. “All We Do” (Live) by Oh Wonder

I mean, can we talk about how cool Oh Wonder are! They’re just so chill – I’m such a fan of them. This song is just perfection. They remind me of London Grammar, Broods and The xx. Just amazing chill indie-pop.

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