Birdy Releases “Beautiful Lies,” Co-Written By SAM ROMANS

Birdy released her new single, which happens to be the title track from her upcoming album, “Beautiful Lies.” The song was co-written with SAM ROMANS, who is featured on an amazing song by Naughty Boy called “Home.” Massive fan of that song.

“Beautiful Lies” is a ballad, and finds Birdy back at the piano. For the lead single from the album, “Keeping Your Head Up,” Birdy explored more of an upbeat tempo, but I love her angelic voice backed by a piano. The song closes out the album, which will be released on the 25th of March.

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Birdy Shares “Keeping Your Head Up” Music Video

I’ve been a massssssive fan of Birdy since before she released her debut album, which was mainly  reimagined covers of songs. She had a breakout with Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” (I prefer her version) and actually, I prefer her version of all those songs over the original. (I mentioned I was a fan, right?)

Her sophomore album, Fire Within, had original songs including a song co-written with Sia, and two incredible pop songs co-written by Ryan Tedder. (yes, I’ve mentioned it numerous times before, Ryan Tedder can do no wrong). But seriously, those two songs, “Wings” and especially “Words As Weapons” are incredible pop songs. Take a moment to listen to those two songs, I’ll wait.

They’re great, right? Birdy also teamed up with Rhodes for a track called “Let It All Go’ which was fantastic. She’s releasing a brand new album in March called Beautiful Lies and the lead single is an upbeat song called “Keeping Your Head Up” and I dig it. I just love her voice, and while it’s more up-beat, her voice is still up front and center, which I like. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

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New Music: Birdy Celebrates New Year with New Song, “Keeping Your Head Up”

Aside from an amazing song with Rhodes, English singer-songwriter Birdy has been fairly quiet for the past year. Today, she revealed that she’s been busy writing her upcoming album, and today, she’s gifted us with a brand new song, “Keeping Your Head Up.”

The song is more upbeat than anything we’ve ever heard from her. I’m biased as I’m a massive fan of her, and while this is a new sound, I’m digging it. I’m interested to see what the rest of the album sounds like…

Check out the teaser below, and hear the full song here:

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