Friday Five: Troye Sivan, Foals, Alessia Cara, Anne-Marie and Nothing But Thieves

Boom! Just like that, it’s Friday! Hope you have excited plans for the weekend! Here are 5 songs you NEED to hear this!

1. “Youth” by Troye Sivan

I’m a massive fan of Troye and his music! He just released the music video for “Youth,” one of the standout tracks from his album, Blue Neighbourhood, which is ace!

2. “Lonely Hunter” by Foals

LOVE their album, What Went Down. I had “London Thunder” on repeat for weeks – it’s a cool, dark, ominous song that reminds me of “Mad World” by Gary Jules. While at the gym this week, “Lonely Hunter” came on and it stopped me in my tracks. I love this band and album!

3. “Wild Things” by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara’s album is superb blend of pop and coolness. She has a style that’s all her own, and I’m in to it! There are many greats songs on the album, Know It All, but one of my faves is “Wild Things.” I love the sentiment of the song, which is continuation of the “anti-cool” anthem set by her lead single, “Here.” On “Wild Thing” she sings, “We brought our drum and this is how we dance. No mistakin’, we make our breaks, if you don’t like our 808s, then leave us alone, cause we don’t need your policies. We have no apologies for being…”

4. “Do It Right” by Anne-Marie

She’s amazing. She was fantastic with Rudimental when I saw them a few months back, and I’m digging her song “Do It Right.” It’s got some edge, but is a slick dance, R&B song beat and swag. Great low key party anthem!

5. “Trip Switch” by Nothing But Thieves

This is good! It reminds me of the better songs from MUSE, and for some reason, Keane comes to mind… not entirely sure why, but let’s go with it. It takes a moment for the song and first verse to build, but it’s worth it when the chorus hits.

What do you think of these 5 tracks? Let me know on Twitter!

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Friday Five: Listen to Jack Garratt, Raleigh Ritchie, Rudimental, Oh Wonder and The 1975!

It’s Friday, and I’m keen on keeping the “Friday Five” tradition going, so yeah, here’s 5 song you NEED to hear!

And after you’ve heard them, share your thoughts! I’d love to hear which ones you love and which you think were awful! Music is subjective, and maybe your taste is terrible! I’m kidding. But really, please do tweet me your thoughts!

1. “Worry” by Jack Garratt

It’s safe to say I’m not the only one obsessed with Jack Garratt and his sound. He’s a one-man band a la Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall, but crossed with Robert DeLong and Royal Blood. He’s debut album, Phases, comes out next Friday, and it’s bound to top the charts. The 24 year-old phenom from England has already been named BBC Introducing Aritst of the Year, won BRIT Awards Critics’ Choice, and was also named the winner of BBC Sound of 2016. No pressure! Check out this amazing live version of “Worry” and you’ll know why he’s set to dominate in 2016.

2. “Bloodsport” by Raleigh Ritchie

This song! I was instantly drawn to this song. It’s such a cool song. I love the chorus and the beat. The rap verse took me by surprise when it started, but I dig it. I’m a fan of Raleigh Ritchie and the sound. Excited to hear his album, You’re A Man Now, Boy, which will be out at the end of February.

Fun fact: Raleigh Ritchie is also an actor – you may recognize him as Grey Worm in Game of Thrones.

3. “Rumour Mill” by Rudimental featuring Anne-Marie and Will Heard

I LOVE Rudimental’s latest album, We The Generation. Actually, I love their debut album too. This is such a cool and funky song. Rudimental are known for having amazing vocalists featured on their song and they’ve again struck gold with Will Heard and Anne-Marie! They’re amazing on the track, and even better live. The energy they bring to the stage show is insane – it’s one giant party. And Will Heard has some killer dance moves! Turn this up and get your dance on!

4. “Without You” by Oh Wonder

I really dig Oh Wonder! “Without You” is one of the catchiest songs on the duo’s self-titled debut album. They have a super chill vibe to their music, and it’s wonderful. It’s an album you could listen to and enjoy from start to finish and really get lost and absorbed in it. Very pensive, at least for me. Seriously, check out their album, so good!

5. “The Sound” by The 1975

I’m a massive fan of The 1975’s self-titled album. It’s got a great pop-rock vibe to it and it’s one hit-song after another. For the follow up, which has a ridiculously long title, they’re going with more of a pop sound, and I dig it. Of the songs we’ve heard from it, “The Sound” is my favorite so far. Oddly, they don’t have (or I couldn’t find) the official audio on YouTube, so here’s their live performance from SNL, though I prefer the studio edit. Nevertheless, it’s a cool song.

So there you go, what’d you think of the songs?

As always, share your thoughts with me and send me any recommendations via @itsaMiro on Twitter

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LOVE This! Rudimental and Ed Sheeran Team Up for “Lay It All On Me”

The first time I heard Rudimental and Ed Sheeran together, I flipped out. It was during a live stream of Glastonbury 2014 when Ed popped in on Rudimental’s set for an amazing version of “Bloodstream.” It was so good that the collaboration version was included on Rudimental’s latest chart-topping album, We The Generation.

Also included on the album is a brand new track with Ed called, “Lay It All On Me,” which is the band’s first single from the album in the US. Fun Fact: Both Rudimental and Ed typically don’t appear in own music videos, but they all all in this one. And if you haven’t seen any of Rudimental’s music videos, you’re missing out! They’re all powerful.

I really love the album, which features amazing vocals from Will Heard, Foy Vance, Anne-Marie, MNEK, Lianne La Havas, and Ella Eyre! That’s some amazing vocal power.

I finally saw these guys live at The Fonda a few weeks ago (I caught a bit of their set when they opened for Ed at STAPLES Center, but that wasn’t a proper gig), and they’re just a party! They had Will Heard, Anne-Marie there and those two are amazingly talented. They played so hard that Piers injured himself! The entire album is ace, but for now, check out the music video for “Lay It All On Me”:

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