Finally: Adele – Live At The Royal Albert Hall CD/DVD

Adele is finally officially releasing a live album and DVD!

It’s called Adele – Live at the Royal Albert Hall. It’ll be available as CD/DVD and CD/Blu-Ray on the 29th of November. Any music fan will appreciate this… best holiday gift!

Adele has had a massive year, with the biggest album of the year, 21. She rose from an indie-underground sweetheart to a world-wide phenomenon, garnering acclaim from absolutely everyone.

The release features a full 90 minute concert recorded at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London. All her hits will be included, as well as her marvelous covers of Bonnie Raitt‘s “If I Can’t Make You Love Me” and The Steeldrivers“If It Hadn’t Been For Love”.

Of course there will be additional backstage footage, hopefully capturing Adele’s candid sense of humor and personality.

Here’s an unofficial sneak peak at “Someone Like You”:

Prior to this release, there have only been a smattering of official live releases from Adele, including a limited re-release of 19 which had her whole Hotel Cafe set (which was fantastic to witness live), as well as two iTunes Live EPs (iTunes London 2011 video).

I’ve been fortunate to have seen Adele perform three times in the past four years – and it’s definitely a treat. This CD/DVD will not compare to experiencing the power of her voice, but it’ll serve as a fantastic reminder of the nights, and possibly a consultation to those who were not able to attend shows that were cancelled or rescheduled.

What a way to cap off a massive year for Adele! Well done!

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Concert Review and Video: Adele Live at the Hollywood Palladium on August 17, 2011

It was well worth the half-year wait to see the amazing Adele play to a sold-out crowd at The Palladium in Hollywood last Wednesday night. The show was originally scheduled for June at the Wiltern, but was moved to the Palladium due to great demand for tickets, and was postponed due to a bad case of laryngitis. It was well worth the wait as Adele electrified the audience with her stunning vocals and style.  She proved that her talents are real and that she is the current queen of pop – having the biggest album of the year and one of the hottest tour of the summer.

It was my third time seeing her, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The first time I saw her was at Hotel Cafe in March of 2008, before the US release of 19. It was an intimate setting, with about 150 people. I was sat a few feet away from Adele, and was mesmerized by her vocals and the emotions of her voice. On Wednesday, it was was fantastic and a testament to Adele’s natural talents that she was able to convey the same emotions, connection and intimacy with the roughly 4,000 people at The Palladium.

Adele’s stage presence has dramatically increased as she looked more comfortable on stage. Her on-stage banter is fantastic – she’s got a great sense of humor and wit. Whether through her music or talking on stage, Adele is a brilliant storyteller, tapping into raw emotions and feelings. And of course, that voice that can’t be explained, only experienced.

Here’s video of my favorite moments from the night… Adele doing a cute little dance and special gesture at the end of “Rumor Has It” (bad audio – sorry), a great sing-along in “Chasing Pavements”, going up to the crowd in “Someone Like You”, and a sincere Thank You before “Rolling In The Deep”. What an amazing night!

“Rumor Has It”:

“Chasing Pavements”:

“Someone Like You”:

“Rolling In The Deep”:

Adele is AMAZING!

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Adele’s iTunes Festival London 2011 EP Now Available

Adele’s amazing iTunes Festival London 2011 performance is now available through iTunes.

It was her triumphant return to the stage since her battle with laryngitis. The EP is 6 tracks and include her amazing cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. The rest of the tracks are from 21, including “One And Only”, “Don’t You Remember”, “Rumor Has It”, “Take It All”, and closes with the crowd favorite, “Rolling In The Deep”.

Surprisingly, her last single, “Someone Like You” and current single “Set Fire To The Rain” are not included. Despite these two omissions, the EP is still a fantastic addition for any Adele fans.

Here’s Adele talking about Beyonce – and her weave in the wind machine… hilarious! She’s got such an great sense of humor. And “Turning Tables”… such an amazing song.

This is Adele’s 2nd iTunes EP – the first was recorded in Soho in New York in 2009.

Adele is Amazing. I can’t say that enough! I can’t wait to see her in LA in a few weeks.

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