Adele Meets Sam Sparro’s “Black And Gold”

Sam Sparro‘s “Black and Gold” was one of the best songs of the summer last year. The beat is infectious and super catchy. You can’t help but bust a move when you hear it. It’s got a great beat and is super fun. The lyrics are also really cool and creative. The song is very versatile in that is sounds great in its original form, as a dance track, but also sounds great acoustically. The lyrics really stand out in the acoustic versions, adding more credibility to the song. There have been many artists that have covered it acoustically, including Adele.

I love Adele‘s take on the song. Again, she adds some soul, but not too much. She takes a great dance/pop song with great lyrics, and adds some emotion to it. She brings out the romantic love and desperation of the lyrics, which get lost in the beat of the original.

You know what I think, now I want to know what you think.

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