Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth Drops “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Music Video (Sans Selena Gomez)

I really really really like this song. It’s such a great catchy pop song!

My favorite thing about this song is that it doesn’t sound like a Charlie Puth song! I mean that he’s showing a different side to his music, and it’s great! He’s a really talented songwriter, and this song is solid pop! Charlie is also really incredible live!

It’s a bit odd that Selena Gomez isn’t in the video, but we’ll chalk that up to scheduling conflict…. or something.

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A Great Big World

A Great Big World Share Inspiring “Won’t Stop Running” Music Video

Man, I really love A Great Big World! They’re not only amazing singers and musicians, but they’re two of the greatest dudes! And their voices.. wow! Hearing Chad and Ian sing live is magical. I just really love Chad’s voice!

“Won’t Stop Running” is one of the more personal songs of their latest album, When The Morning Comes. The song is about Chad’s MS diagnosis, and more generally about people overcoming challenges in their life. Really important and strong message!


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james Bay

James Bay Breathes New Life To “Hymn For The Weekend” Live Lounge Cover

Seriously though, James Bay is the epitome of coolness.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing James play several times, and have even met him a few times, and he’s seriously one of the coolest lads ever, in the most unassuming and uncontrived way. He’s just uber cool.

And he absolutely smashed it on his recent cover of Coldplay and Beyonce’s “Hymn For The Weekend.” Yes, he dared to cover Coldplay and Beyonce… and did it proud!

I’m stoked his label is re-releasing “Let It Go” and giving his brilliant album, Chaos And The Calm, the proper attention it deserves. It’s for sure a hit, you all need to hear it! Front to back, there’s not a bad song on it, and he’s amazing live.

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