Recap: G-Eazy and Logic at The Endless Summer Tour at The Forum

As you may have noticed, hip-hop isn’t my go-to music – I’m more of a pop/singer-songwriter/indie guy. But I really appreciate hip-hop, especially if there’s a story or it’s emotionally charged. I’m a fan of Nas, Common, Talib, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, early Kanye (before he became his own Superfan) and massive fan of Eminem. In fact, seeing Eminem (and Rihanna) at The Rose Bowl is one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been lucky to attend.

So needless to say, one wouldn’t peg me as a G-Eazy fan, but his latest album, When It’s Dark Out, is one of my faves, and was in my Top 10 Albums of 2015.

I was first introduced to G-Eazy at the press room at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in 2014 – he wasn’t performing, but stopped by to do some interviews. I checked out his music after and liked him. I was invited to a showcase for Grace at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood (amazing intimate venue), and spotted G-Eazy in the crowd. I was elated when he jumped on stage to do his verse in her track, “You Don’t Own Me,” and yes, it was amazing. I was impressed by his stage presence, I was intrigued and wanted to hear more from him.

I was already a fan of “Me, Myself, and I” when G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha performed it at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last year. Being in the arena and hearing the crowd’s incredible reaction was further validation of the chemistry between the two and merits of the song.

So going into last night’s show, I was already a fan, and he did not disappoint! He worked the crowd with a mix of heartfelt humility, juxtaposed with swagger and confidence, which is precisely what I love about his music. He’s relatable, yet braggadocios.

His set included my favorites, “Random,” “One of Them,” “Of All Things,” “Order More” and many more! A standout moment was when YG came out and they played “Fuck Donald Trump” – definitely a political statement that resonated with the crowd.

Several times throughout the set, G-Eazy talked about his struggle and hard work leading up to him playing a sold out show in LA. He gave a shoutout to the amazing Lil Wayne, and a super special shoutout to his mom, who was at the show.

My one and only slight disappointment, though I fully understand why, was the absence of “Everything Will Be Ok” from the set. If you haven’t heard the song, go listen to it now. With headphones. And I won’t judge you if you shed a tear or two. It’s a phenomenal song, heartbreaking, and would have been a somber/serious moment in a lively show. But seriously, listen to that song…

Before G-Eazy took the stage last night, Logic had a phenomenal set. Admittedly, I’m not the knowledgeable on his music/production, but was mesmerized and captivated throughout his entire set. One of the highlights was his song “Fade Away,” as well as special birthday shoutout for a fan celebrating his birthday. Logic also did a cool cover of Kid Cudi, which was a great moment. My favorite moment from Logic’s set was when he demonstrated how he produced and created a beat on stage – always great seeing the process and how the layers of a track are built.

Overall, it was an amazing night of music at The Forum!

I recently got a new point-and-shoot camera, and was able to get this sweet pics from the show. Check out more pics from shows and events on my Instagram.

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Mike Posner

Mike Posner, Thank You For “At Night, Alone”

I’ve been listening to Mike Posner’s new album, At Night, Alone non-stop this week and it’s just amazing. Following his EP, it’s honest, raw, vulnerable, and at times, uncomfortably so. Musically, lyrically, it’s one of the most honest records I’ve heard in a while, and I fuckin love it.

Admittedly, the standout tracks are from his Truth EP, it’s just next level good. “Not That Simple,” and “Buried In Detroit” are just perfection. While I’m excited the remix to “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” is blowing up the charts, the stripped original is where he shines. Even Mike has commented on the irony of the success of the remix of the song due to the nature of it’s lyrics.

The standout tracks on the album for me right now are “Silence” with Labrinth, which it’s build and gospel influences is an undeniable hit. I also love “Iris.” “In The Arms of A Stranger” could easily be a radio hit. “Jade” is a fun track, and I would love to hear a remix/duet with Elle King. Quick, someone get Josh Hartnett on it!

But “Be As You Are”… that’s the song that gets me the most. When I heard it months ago, I was made beautifully uncomfortable by the raw honesty & vulnerability of the lyrics. It’s equally personal & universal at the same time.

“Be As You Are”

“Not That Simple”

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Gavin James Records Special Version of “Nervous”

This is super cool! I love how it starts and where it eventually goes! I won’t give away too much… it’s good! Super creative!

I’m such a massive fan of Gavin James and his music. Seriously, every one of his songs is my favorite. I’m super excited to pick up his album, Bitter Pill, when it’s released on the 11th of March. That’s also day he’s kicking off his tour in the US – if you haven’t seen him, you’re missing out! I’ve seen him a handful of times and he’s exceptional.

Do yourself a favor, pick up his live album, Live at Whelans, and get tickets to his show!

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