You’ve Got To Hear Thrice’s Acoustic Version of “Black Honey”

I was really bummed when Thrice called it quits, thankfully, they cut the non-senese and released an incredible album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, earlier this year. And it doesn’t suck – it’s actually really good! The single from the album, “Black Honey” is such a great song – Dustin Kensrue sounds as good as ever! And in this acoustic version, he sounds as good as he’s ever sounded!

If you’re not familiar with Thrice, you really need to check them out! Their 2003 album, The Artist In The Ambulance is the place to start. It’s one of my favorite album and one I can listen to from start to finish still. It’s very nostalgic and takes me to a special time in my life! The band is from Irvine, CA, and the album was released during my freshmen year in college at UC Irvine, so it played a huge part of my year and the hometown college really adopted and supported the band. I actually saw Thrice at UC Irvine when they co-headlined the Honda Civic Tour! Fun fact – they co-headliner was Dashboard Confessional! Very interesting crowd and an amazing show!

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